ret Privacy Policy of Decipher Market Research Company


Privacy Policy

Information Collection:

What information do we request from you?

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Billing address
  • Some work/company related information
Why do we need this information?

We use your personal information to make sure that we provide you the services that are relevant to you. We collect the aforementioned information for the purposes:

  • Reverting to your queries
  • Sending the requested information
  • Sending our newsletters
  • Conducting marketing communications/li>
  • To complete your orders/li>

    At any point of time, you can opt out of receiving our newsletters via the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

How do we collect the information from you?

All the information stored in our database comes from various forms on our website. None of the information that we may have about you will come from any other source than you yourself.

Information Sharing:
We don’t give away, we share:

When you purchase any report from us, we use third-party service providers for verifying your information only for specific reason for which it was given. We don’t sell or give away your personal information to anyone.

Although, we may share your personal information in case:
  • It is required by law
  • It is absolutely necessary to maintain the transparency and protect you from fraudulent schemes
  • We have your consent in regards with sharing the information with a third-party publishers
  • Security:

    Decipher Market Research is highly diligent in protecting all your personal information. Our impregnable security measures and technical firewalls are capable of preventing an unauthorized access, use or sharing of the same. Albeit we use the best in class advanced encryption to limit the access of other parties; we cannot guarantee the protection of the information that you transmit to us.

Human Rights and Company Policies

Our Company supports and respects internationally proclaimed human rights and as per the Indian Goverment PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS ACT, 1993.

Return Policy

The customer will make the payment to Decipher Market Research as referenced on the site. He/she is liable for use, sales, and related taxes & customs.

Once made, the buy choice can't be undone. The customer ought to connect with the organization if there should arise an occurrence of any uncertainty identified with the transaction before choosing and tapping on the buy button on the site.

The organization doesn't acknowledge return of items after delivery, owing to the nature and format of the data. However, in specific situations, the administration can offer discounts exclusively at its discretion.

NO REFUND Policy: Considering the confidentiality and value of the data provided in reports, refunds or discounts can't be granted after the report has been dispatched. Nonetheless, it will give customization of the report, in the event that it contains inadequate information.

Code Of Conduct

Decipher Market Research Code of Conduct represents the values and core principles that guide the conduct of every DMR business. The Code lays down the ethical standards that DMR colleagues need to observe in their professional lives. It defines a value system which has endured since the group was founded in 2017. DMR Code of conduct follows domestic as well as International corporate or Market Research industry code of conduct. It also includes Professionalism, integrity, health & safety, NDA, , conflicts of interest, confidentiality clauses, competition Law, data protection and security, environment rights, human rights, abatement of anti-corruption law, etc.